The NZAIP committee was keen to have a website refresh. Their old website was created some time ago and had not been updated in a while. Some functionality was no longer working.

The goal was to create a new membership website with an updated, modern appearance and a set of working, up-to-date plugins.

Aside from their logo and a request for the image of Mt Cook to be used on the landing page, there were no images, colour palette or style guide in place. Following discussion the blue in their logo was used as the primary colour on the website. Along with bright orange as an accent the website was designed to feel both professional and approachable.

This is the first membership site I have built, and was a good learning experience for me!

The result:

  • A membership website with a new look and different navigation menus/pages for normal users and logged-in users
  • A working membership registration cycle and members' area, with the use of Restrict Content Pro
  • Committee members' photos included to lend a more personal touch
  • New Contact form installed

We engaged Fundamental Web to assist our association with the development of an updated website that was more modern, user friendly and fit for purpose. Mel was very responsive and her fees were fair and reasonable. We are extremely happy with the quality of her work.

Kristy Verster

* Please note that the website may have been updated since this page was published, and so may no longer be a direct reflection of the thumbnail below. 




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