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Translate your work and vision for the web, in a process that is simple, pain-free and fairly priced. 

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Are you a small business owner or solopreneur? Are you looking to showcase your work online in an effective and professional way?

Do you want someone in your corner—an intuitive listener and active doer—who will get to know you and what you do, and build your website using a process that is simple, pain-free and fairly priced

You're in the right place! 

Alongside raising my young family, I love building simple, effective websites for small business owners and solopreneurs. 

I am based in Auckland, New Zealand and happy to work with both local and global clients.

My passion for web design started right around the time we had dial-up internet at home and I discovered Microsoft Frontpage and HTML. It was my after-school hobby, one which led to me designing a site for my very first client, a caterer, when I was in high school.

Back then no one I knew in real life had a website or thought it was cool to have one. Times have changed but my interest in web work has not. From creating new sites and writing content for them, to sending out e-newsletters, uploading articles and refreshing layouts, I enjoy it all.

I love that web design requires both creativity and sensibility, so that the website looks visually appealing and also works. I also love the process of gradual and continuous improvement; a website should never be built and left for dead. It lives and evolves with its owner.

I started Fundamental Web in 2021 after attending a Virtual Assistants' coffee catch-up, and taking the plunge to follow up on a lead that led to my first assignment.


A simple life collage - Melanie Tito

Though I have experience using other CMS including custom ones, I prefer to build and maintain websites in WordPress.

WordPress was once upon a time simply a blogging software. I started a WordPress blog back in 2004, when it was new, feeling like it was just that bit cooler than Blogger! I did like even its early incarnation then but never imagined it would one day grow to be the powerful, all-encompassing Content Management System (CMS) it is today.

WordPress is now far more customisable and therefore complex. However, its versatility, popularity and fact that it is supported by just about all good web hosts makes it a still robust and ideal website solution today.

I may still be able to assist you if you would like to build your site using another CMS. Please contact me for information.

'Responsive' websites don't talk back (not all, not yet, anyway)! 'Responsive' simply means that it loads well and looks good on all devices and screen sizes. When you look at a responsive site on a Desktop computer, the photos aren't blurry and the text doesn't look way too tiny. Conversely, on your mobile phone, the words aren't running off the page and you can navigate the site without needing to do some major finger acrobatics.

I build responsive websites so no matter how your readers and customers find you, they find you looking good!

Your website should constantly be evolving to reflect your growth, availability, work and more. It should be backed up frequently so you are not caught out if something 'breaks' during an update or worse if it gets hacked. Websites which are added to and optimised for speed also perform better in search engine rankings which is vital in today's world.

Don't waste all the time, effort and money you pour into your website build by then neglecting it afterwards. Choose to look after it, by yourself or by a trusted provider, so it continues to pay dividends long after you sign off on it.

Perhaps you are just starting out in your business and are not sure how to begin with building your website. You may be after a site refresh. Or maybe your website is just not working for you and you're not sure how to go about fixing it. Let's chat—send me a message or book a free call.

Note: Websites may have been changed since the below thumbnails were generated.

  • I can help you with:

    • Website design/refresh
    • Website maintenance and backups
    • Plausible Analytics integration
    • Google Business Profile set up
    • Image sourcing
    • Domain registration and hosting
    • Copywriting/editing
    • E-newsletter set up and integration with website
    • Video services (Auckland only at this stage)
    • Training on how to use your website
    • Business administration


Why should I work with you?

I am creative and detailed, efficient and resourceful. Empathetic and culturally aware, from living in a few places and being in an intercultural marriage. My broad work experience reflects my interest in multiple disciplines and ability to wear different hats. No matter your industry I will seek to speak your language and address your priorities.

I am a quick learner with a strong interest in continuous education. I'm always looking for better ways to do things and keeping up with news, tools and changes in the online and self-publishing world. This benefits my clients as I apply my learning in my work.

I don't live in New Zealand. Can I still work with you?

Yes, thanks to the powers of the internet!

How much do you charge?

I can provide you with an accurate quote after talking to you and determining what you need. I generally like to price per project rather than per hour. This means no nasty surprises with the bill on your end. New websites (up to 15 pages) usually start at $1,950 NZD.

My web maintenance care plans are priced at two tiers: $99 NZD per month for the standard plan, and $79 NZD per month for the basic plan. See "What does web maintenance entail and why do I need it?" below for more info.

I currently operate as a sole trader so there is no GST charged. You will always be provided with a detailed quote and proposal before committing to working with me.

How long will it take to get my website done?

Your site can be up and running in as quickly as 1 week if you have all your content ready, your site hosting and domain registration are organised, you know your site structure and what you want to place on each page. 3-6 weeks if you need assistance with style, content or a higher level of customisation on your site. These are a guide only, time frames vary depending on the scope of your project.

Will I be able to update my own website easily?

Yes. Your site will be built using the Beaver Builder page builder with drag and drop functionality, making it easy for you to do your own updates without needing to know code. Training and/or written documentation can be organised at my current hourly rate.

What does web maintenance entail and why do I need it?

Your website should constantly be evolving to reflect your growth, availability, work and more. It should be backed up frequently so you are not caught out if something 'breaks' during an update or worse if it gets hacked. Websites which are added to and optimised for speed also perform better in search engine rankings which is vital in today's world.

My web maintenance care plans are billed quarterly with no contracts, initiation or termination fees. Clients receive regular backups and updates to ensure their sites are always in good working order. They have continued access to select paid plugins and subscriptions that I use. Standard Plan clients also receive 60 minutes of web updates of their choice, a monthly site report, and access to their own Plausible Analytics dashboard (a GDPR-compliant paid service).

I need a web host. Do you have any recommendations?

I use HostArmada. You can access good prices for hosting and my favourite thing about them is their efficient and helpful customer service.

I just need a one-page website. Can you help me?

Yes I can. Send me a message or book in for a discovery call and let's chat 🙂

Small business web package

$1,700 (NZD)

  • Up to 15 pages
  • 30 minute Discovery Call
  • Help with site structure/planning
  • Responsive design
  • Your logo, colour palette, images and content incorporated
  • Basic proofreading of content supplied before uploading (minor typos, punctuation errors)
  • Contact form installation
  • Plugin installation (premium plugins to be purchased separately)
  • Basic SEO for every page
  • Display social media icons and links
  • Lower hourly rate and best pricing for additional services, including maintenance, ongoing access to premium software/plugins, copyediting and copywriting

Small jobs

$75 / hour

  • Light refresh
  • Change fonts/colours/button styles
  • Update text/contact details
  • Swap out images
  • Troubleshoot plugin issues
  • Fix broken links
  • Make a list of those things that are bugging you and let's get them sorted!
  • Note: Minimum $150 applies

Web maintenance care plan (Standard Plan)

$99 / month

  • Regular backups and updates
  • 60 minutes updates of your choice per month
  • Access to selected premium plugins which I pay for the right to use
  • Monthly site report
  • Your own Plausible Analytics dashboard (GDPR-compliant)
  • Priority queue for work requested
  • Just want to cover the basics? Sign up for the Basic Plan at $79/month
  • Billed quarterly - no initiation or termination fees
  • A one-off set up fee of $125 applies for sites that were not built by Fundamental Web. Please contact me for info.

Kind words from clients and previous managers ❤️

Mel has been a superstar, dragging our website out of the ark and making it a much better product to both navigate and look at. Would highly recommend Mel for any website work!

We engaged Fundamental Web to assist our association with the development of an updated website that was more modern, user friendly and fit for purpose. Mel was very responsive and her fees were fair and reasonable. We are extremely happy with the quality of her work.

I really like her beautiful writing style. Mel is also a self starter and is able to work independently, taking the initiative to look up and research on areas she is not familiar with, organising tasks and information without being asked. She is quite perceptive, and has the ability to “get into my head” to understand the things and concepts I wanted to get across. Resourceful, creative and very talented.

Excellent writing skills, very organised, happy to give anything a go.

She is a lovely, friendly person who relates well to all people. She is very capable, a fast learner and has a good range of skills including writing for website, leaflets, donor updating, she has good on-line skills and has good intuitive marketing skills. Melanie will research well before making decisions.

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